Ten Design Sites That Inspire Us

Laura Garet April 13, 2017

@designseeds Beautiful swatches pulled from incredible photography, Designseeds is a must-follow Instagram account for designers. Her posts will leave you inspired to create something colourful. @mdemilan We swoon over David Milan’s hand written typography. His Instagram account leaves us with a fierce motivation to learn how to do modern calligraphy. For those logo […]

Top 5 Ways to Get Your Instagram Seen

Creative Nobility February 11, 2017

One of the biggest strategies to know for marketing your business via Instagram is how to get seen and seen by the right audience. Below we have outlined 5 ways to not only continue to build your Instagram following organically, but to be visible and top of mind by Instagram users. Let’s dive into it! […]

Grow your Instagram organically!

Creative Nobility February 4, 2017

Our FAVE Ways to Help Grow Your Following on Instagram We believe in growing Instagram followers organically. Over the past eight months we’ve taken our Instagram following from 12 followers to just over 1,100! It can be a daunting task to build your online presence. At one point I didn’t think we would ever reach […]

Feature blog: Outside The Shape

Creative Nobility January 23, 2017

We’re back on the blog this week and thrilled to bring you the story of Francesca and Outside The Shape. Outside The Shape is situated on Inglewood’s 10th Avenue right across from Folk Fest’s Festival Hall. Supporting Calgary’s ‘maker’ community, Francesca has begun to harbor a place for entrepreneurs to not only sell their products, […]

New Year, New Services

Creative Nobility January 6, 2017

We are welcoming 2017 with open arms and holding on tight. 2016, for us, was a year of building, creating new relationships and meeting new people, such as our interns who have now turned into employees and taking the Creative Nobility business to the next level. We are extremely thankful for the immense support shown […]

Tara, Rei & MDRN.KRFT

Creative Nobility November 11, 2016

This week on the blog we caught up with friends Tara and Rei from mdrn.krft. Ran by two architecture-educated designers, mdrn.krft is a collaborative effort between Tara and Rei who design and create quality hand-crafted concrete goods.  Tara and Rei met close to a decade ago during an their undergrad degree in a geography class and […]

Even Odds Collective & Prosperi Tea pop-up

Creative Nobility October 22, 2016

Last week in the Work Nicer office we hosted our very first pop-up event with Even Odds Collective and Prosperi Tea! Every Friday at 4:00 p.m. the members of Work Nicer close their laptops and turn off their computers in exchange for beers and conversation. So, we thought why not bring in other companies to […]

Valerie Aimee Music

Creative Nobility September 30, 2016

We are extremely thrilled to be able to share with you our interview with the wonderfully wonderful, Valerie Aimee! Funny story of how I initially became introduced to Valerie Aimee. My friend and I were having lunch down on 17th Ave a few weeks back. While sitting on the Browns patio a beautiful voice came streaming […]

Janet & Janet Davie Photo

Creative Nobility September 23, 2016

This week on the blog we got to sit down with one of our favourite photographers, Janet Davie of Janet Davie Photo. Janet is a freelance photographer who has a keen eye for capturing stunning photos and photographing wonderful moments with her subjects. Creative Nobility has worked with Janet on more than a few occasions. […]

Katie Evans and The Clothing Bar

Creative Nobility September 16, 2016

This week on the blog we caught up with The Clothing Bar owner, Katie Evans, as she took us behind the scenes of owning Marda Loop’s trendiest consignment shop.     Katie’s inspiration behind The Clothing Bar was built on growing up learning to appreciate recycled clothing and shopping on a budget. “…Like a serious […]

T-shirt Collaboration

Creative Nobility September 9, 2016

No doubt collaborating with like-minded companies in the entrepreneurial scene in ol’ YYC is a good way to network. Especially while building your brand and also having a little, or a lot in our case, fun. In August we met Kolby, owner of Simply Modern Marketing. One of the many clients she works with is a […]

What’s in Your Workspace pt. 2

Creative Nobility September 1, 2016

In the last blog we published, forgive us its been a while, we talked about what items we have in our workspace. So, this blog we want to show off a bit of our workspace and the office space we work out of! Many of you might know Creative Nobility operates out of the co-working […]

What’s in Your Workspace?

Creative Nobility August 12, 2016

WHAT’S IN YOUR WORKSPACE? Carrie Bradshaw once said, “With the right desk the writing will come.” I believe this statement holds true with forms of work performed at a desk as well. Your workspace, depending on the means and resources available, should make a statement about you and about your work. The workspace you set […]

Graphic Design & Social Media Marketing

Creative Nobility August 4, 2016

GRAPHIC DESIGN & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have deemed themselves the new medium for visual communications. Businesses are jumping on the social media train and understanding the value of social media as part of its marketing strategy, however many businesses are doing it wrong. As social media […]


Creative Nobility July 30, 2016

#HASHTAG New media continues to prove, day after day, that hashtags are an effective medium for communicating a message to a targeted or broad audience. When it comes to disseminating messages on social media, a useful tactic to incorporate as an integral way of consistently representing your brand is hashtags. Below are four ways to […]

We Are, We Are…Entrepreneurs

Creative Nobility July 28, 2016

WE ARE, WE ARE… ENTREPRENEURS Last week we had the absolute pleasure of joining the co-owners of Local Laundry as they hosted a night fuelled by the spirit of local entrepreneurs. A night aimed at connecting entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs mirrored the feeling of an underground society filled with secrecy and mystery. The event, held at Work Nicer, a […]

99 Design & YOU

Creative Nobility July 23, 2016

99 DESIGNS & YOU We’ve been getting this question a lot lately when it comes to inquiring about design services, “99Designs offers cheaper design and logo creation, why should I use your services when I can use theirs for less money?” Let us be the one to disclose our reasons for not choosing a spec […]

An Eventful Experience

Creative Nobility July 21, 2016

AN EVENTFUL EXPERIENCE We met Erin, owner of Eventful Planning, one blissful Wednesday afternoon back in June. Full of friendly fire and a desire for planning beautiful events and celebrations, you couldn’t help but notice her undying passion for what she does. Looking for other Calgary-based local entrepreneurs, we reached out to Erin for collaborative purposes. […]

Social Media & the Stampede

Creative Nobility July 11, 2016

THE DO’S & DON’TS OF SOCIAL MEDIA DURING THE CALGARY STAMPEDE Popular content on social media can spread quickly, be the topic of conversation and become viral. Add in the largest outdoor show on earth to the social media mix and we’ve got ourselves a party or if we’re not careful, a disaster. As frequent users […]

Typography & Your Brand

Creative Nobility June 9, 2016

TYPOGRAPHY & YOUR BRAND Let’s start from the beginning, typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make the language it forms most appealing to transparent learning and recognition. What you choose for typography, to communicate your brand’s message, will stand out on the front lines. Typography’s goal is to portray […]